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This page highlights more recent publications in my backlist. For my complete publishing history, click here

Fire Cover Buy Now!

A collection of Lisabet Sarai's best short stories.

Fire chronicles varied landscapes of desire, from the plains of the Midwest to the bars of Bangkok. In this collection, a man suffers agony and ecstasy when his wife's fantasized infidelity becomes real, a woman ignites at the touch of her lover, a couple invests their savings to indulge their exhibitionistic cravings, and a dominatrix discovers that her own limits are as real as her submissives.

With an introduction by M. Christian.

Cream Cover Buy Now!

Contributor Bios
Edited by Lisabet Sarai - includes her story "Mad Dogs"

Cream is a selection of short fiction previously published on the website of the renowned Erotica Readers and Writers Association ( For ten years, ERWA has offered free, high quality erotic writing by both renowned authors and newcomers. Every month the site publishes a new set of stories and "flash fiction" (erotica under 100 words). Each month's stories are selected by ERWA editors from dozens of submissions to "Storytime," a subscription-based email list and writing workshop. Now, for the first time, Cream collects the most arousing and original work that has appeared on ERWA.

Sacred Exchange Cover Buy Now!

Edited by Lisabet Sarai and S.F. Mayfair

Much has been written about the physical aspects of dominance and submission, but the literature does not fully explain the compelling attraction many have to S/M experiences. Through stories of ritual, communion, telepathy, devotion, dreams, commitment, and personal transformation, Sacred Exchange portrays how the bonds of trust between dominant and submissive might lead to emotional and spiritual revelations. This is an exciting collection of fiction that delves into an often misunderstood realm.

Under Fire Cover Buy Now!

The charitable erotica anthology Coming Together: Under Fire includes Lisabet's story "Fire".

All proceeds benefit the victims of the 2007 southern California wild fires.

For the Cure Cover Buy Now!

The charitable erotica anthology Coming Together: For The Cure includes Lisabet's story "Domestic Goddess".

All proceeds benefit breast cancer research.

Crossdressing Cover Buy Now!

Crossdressing: Erotic Stories includes Lisabet's story "Beefeater".

Yes Sir Cover Buy Now!

Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission includes Lisabet's story "Body Electric".

Hes on Top Cover Buy Now!

He's On Top: Erotic Stories of Male Dominance and Female Submission includes Lisabet's story "Incurable Romantic".

Shes on Top Cover Buy Now!

She's On Top: Erotic Stories of Female Dominance and Male Submission includes Lisabet's story "Shades of Red".