Excerpt from Hot Brides in Vegas

“The dressing room’s here,” said Linda, pointing to a door on her right. “Across the way is Larry’s office. Next to the office is the VIP suite.” She caught Chantal’s skeptical expression. “Some customers get extra special treatment, honey.”

“I can imagine,” Chantal replied, her voice dripping with irony.

The manager knocked on the dressing room door, then opened it without waiting for a response.

Fran had seen a lot that day. None of it had prepared her for the scene that confronted her.

Mirrored make-up stations lined the walls on the left and right. Straight ahead of her, at the back of the spacious room, there was a seating area with a small sofa and two chairs. A creamy-skinned redhead sprawled on the sofa, with her head thrown back against the cushions and her legs spread wide. A slender woman knelt between those splayed thighs, face buried in the first woman’s cunt. Shiny black hair cascaded down her spine to graze the dimples at the top of her surprisingly full ass. Her right hand stretched upward to play with the redhead’s ample breasts. Her left hand was hidden. The woman’s rhythmic motions suggested where that hand might be found.

A third girl, a plump blonde, lay on her back on the carpet with her head near the kneeling girl’s ass. With the fingers of one hand she probed the shadowy crevice between the brunette’s buttocks, while she delved into her own snatch with the other.

Sighs and moans filled the room, along with a strong scent of pussy. The women squirmed, bucking and grinding against one another. Francesca’s clit swelled and throbbed, while wetness trickled down her already slick inner thighs. She cupped her palm over her pubis, rubbing hard. She simply couldn’t stop herself.

A pre-orgasmic spike of pleasure shimmered through her. Eyes glued to the naked women writhing just a few feet from her, she squeezed and stroked herself through her dress and her thong. It was not enough.

She sank to her knees, crumpled her chiffon skirt to her waist, and thrust her whole hand under the elastic of her brief panties. Oh, better, much better, to feel bare skin on her slick folds! With her thumb on her clit and three fingers deep in her hole, she climbed quickly. The girls entwined on the sofa seemed to follow her up the path to climax.

The redhead arched her back with a wild cry and ground herself into the brunette’s face. Grabbing handfuls of silky hair, she pulled the other girl deeper. Blondie frigged herself so violently it seemed she might tear herself open. Meanwhile she had three fingers embedded in the brunette’s asshole.

That was what pushed Francesca over the edge—the sight of those plump digits stretching the tight ring of muscle guarding the other girl’s anus, along with the thought of how that violation might feel. Did Jake really want her that way? Her cunt muscles clenched around her fingers and liquid gushed over her hand. Pleasure surged through her, racing through her limbs and leaving her weak.

The blonde and the brunette screamed in unison as they simultaneously reached their peaks. She collapsed on the carpet, limp but still tingling with arousal.


Francesca opened her eyes. Laura and Chantal were staring at her in shock. Linda stood next to them with her arms akimbo, a tolerant smile lighting her face.

“Jeanette—Lily—Katie—if I could interrupt you for a moment… These young ladies are here for Amateur Night.”

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