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Adriana Kraft
Got swing? Adriana does!
Alex Beecroft
Gay Romance with Plot and Passion
Alicia Night Orchid
Erotic Stories, True Confessions
Angela Cameron
Seductive, Suspenseful, Dangerous.Adventures with a bite!
Angela Caperton
Elegant, Eclectic Erotica
Anne Kane
Welcome to my worlds
Ayla Ruse
Ensnare yourself in love
Belinda McBride
Romance That Is Wyld By Nature
Bonnie Rose Lee
Two times the pleasure...Three times the fun
Catherine Lundoff
Works erotic and otherwise
Cathy Stang
My Not So Secret Life
Ciara Dallas
Bedtime stories never felt so good.
Cindy Spencer Pape
Get your happy-ever-after fix
Cynical Woman
The life of a stay-at-home mom
and erotica writer.
Cynical Woman Blog
Crissy Smith
Letting the WILD out!
Dani Harper
Romancing the wolf
Dee Carney
A little bit exotic...a whole lot erotic...
Desirée Lee
Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy
Donna George Storey
Writing to arouse the mind and the libido--with a Japanese flavor
Evie Balos
Erotic romance author
Gabrielle Holly
Romance with a little humor and a lot of heat
Ginger Simpson
Spice up your life with Ginger!
Heather Bennett
Beautiful Candles, Best Contests
Helen E. H. Madden
The She-Devil of Erotica
J.K. Coi
Living with Immortals
Jade Archer
A Shot for the Heart
Jade Twilight
For stories that are more than just romance, come fondle my pages
Jamie Hill
Simply Irresistible
Jay Lygon
Stories for your pagan side
Jean Roberta
A thin line between fiction and reality
Jessica Jarman
Real women...Irresistible men...Endless possibilities
Jon Michaelsen
Step into the world of gay romance, mystery, suspense...and beyond!
Jude Mason
Come, explore with me...if you dare!
Kathleen Bradean
With intent to arouse
Kiki Howell
Author of Magical Erotic Romances
Kim Dare
Kink, love and a happy ending
Kristin Battestella
Roses Can Be Deadly...
Liddy Midnight
Get stroked by midnight
Lily Harlem
Modern romance with the bedroom door
left well and truly open
Lisa Logan
Writing in my wildest dreams
Lucy Felthouse
Erotica for all
M. Christian
Imagination is intelligence with an erection
Marc Nobbs
Turning romance on its head
Maria-Claire Payne
Making Love from Payne...because, sometimes...Love Hurts
Marie Haynes
Freelance writer specializing in Erotica
Patricia Bates
Historical romantic fiction
Portia da Costa
Intense passionate erotic romance
Robin Wolfe
If you like dark and dirty, you'll love Robin Wolfe
Sally Painter
The Romance Examiner
Sammie Jo Moresca
Romancing the Mystery
Sapphire Phelan
Fantastic dreams - Sapphire Phelan/Pamela Kinney
Selena Illyria
Let me seduce you
Sharie Silva
Erotic and dark fantasy fiction
Shelley Munro
Adventure into Romance
Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell
Stevie Woods
Love knows no boundaries
Tabitha Shay
Fall Under My Spell
Tricia McGill
Australian Romance Author
Verdi E. Mathis
More than just a love story