To G.

Close your eyes. Let your breathing slow and deepen. Feel the blood waking your bare skin. The moonlight teases, silvery silk against your eyelids. Don't give in. The dark is what you need, not the moon's caress.

Can you feel my breath, warm against your neck? Or is it only the autumn breeze drifting in your window? You sense my presence, but you are as always a skeptic. My lips hover above the pulse at your throat. You could swear you feel the heat, the vibration, the waves my fingers stir in the air as I trail them down the length of you.

Silence but for the sounds of the night, the faraway hum of traffic, someone's radio swelling then fading. You think you recognize the song, something that used to make you cry. Then the snap of the match, the fruity paraffin smell as I light the candle, and silence again. Did you imagine it? Now as your nostrils flare, questing, you catch the barest hint of my scent. Or is it just a memory, sohauntingly familiar?

Don't move. Don't speak. Do not open your eyes. I will take your wrists and bind them with satin ribbon at the small of your back. I'll wrap more satin round your manhood, fanciful decoration, as you swell in anticipation. The first brush of my lips against yours will make us both swoon.

Close your eyes. Open yourself. Believe.

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