Ordinary Miracles

"Kyle? I'm home!"

Rob tossed his stuffed briefcase onto the breakfast bar – since his promotion he seemed to have more paperwork than ever - and peered into the dimness. He half-expected his tough, wiry young spouse to lunge out of the shadows and tackle him. He would have welcomed that, though probably he would have pretended to be annoyed. The seconds ticked by, though, without an answer.

"Kyle?" Only the lamp in the corner, the one on the timer, shone in the living room. The rest of the place appeared to be dark. Rob kicked off his boots and padded around the apartment in his socks. Where was he? His last class finished at four thirty and now it was nearly seven.

The guest room – Kyle's room, though he rarely slept there – was as empty as the master bedroom. The bathroom door was wide open; Kyle couldn't be hiding there unless he'd slipped into the shower stall. Rob flicked on the light and stared through the frosted glass. Empty, just as he'd expected.

"Kyle, this isn't funny." Rob tried to sound gruff and threatening, without much success. He heard the edge of anxiety in his own voice. Damn kid, he mentally groused. He'll drive me crazy yet. Finally accepting that his lover was not in fact secreted somewhere in the apartment, Rob shuffled into the kitchen, grabbed a beer from the fridge and settled himself in his favorite chair. Probably doesn't realize how much I worry about him, he thought.

The cop took a swig of cold liquid and closed his eyes for a moment, savoring the yeasty flavor. It had been a hell of a day. The report on the latest arson had reached his desk – the fifth in three weeks, clearly the same perp. A six year old and her grandmother got caught in this one. Fortunately, they'd only been on the second floor and able to jump. But what kind of bastard tries to incinerate a first grader?

He hated fires. They brought back too many memories.

Rob took a couple more swallows and looked at his watch. He flipped open his phone and punched the speed dial code. After a dozen unanswered rings, he snapped the phone shut, shaking his head. Where could the boy be? He'd made a few new friends at the university. Could he be hanging out with them, maybe in some bar where it was too noisy to hear his mobile? It would only be natural, Rob supposed, for Kyle to enjoy the company of women and men his own age – to prefer his young, lively contemporaries to a harried police lieutenant more than a decade his senior.

The notion left a sour taste in Rob's mouth. He pushed his insecurity away. Kyle loved him. Deep down Rob knew that. It would take something more than casual acquaintances to keep them apart.

But if he wasn't with friends, why was he so late? Was he all right? Kyle hadn't had a spell of uncontrolled clairvoyance for months, but what if he'd relapsed? After such a long time, the visions might overwhelm him. What if he was lying in the hospital now, bleeding, raving or unconscious? Or worse, what if some new villain had kidnapped him because of his power...?

The click of a key in the lock scattered Rob's dark musings. He sprang to his feet and raced for the door, practically colliding with the jet-haired young man who struggled inside, an overflowing brown paper bag in each arm.

"Oof!" gasped Kyle. "Careful! You'll make me drop them!"

"Kyle! God, I missed you, baby!" Rob tried unsuccessfully to gather Kyle in his arms, groceries and all.

"Wait – wait a minute!" Kyle's normally pale cheeks were pink from the February wind. "Let me put these down." He crouched to set the bags on the floor, then succumbed to Rob's bear hug. "I guess you're glad to see me," he laughed, cupping the growing bulk in Rob's groin.

Rob nuzzled the chilled skin under Kyle's ear. Despite the season, the other man smelled like summer. "I was worried," he murmured, his hands busy unzipping Kyle's down jacket. "I thought you'd be home long before me." Kyle's flannel shirt was warm and soft under Rob's fingers. Rob toyed with the boy's nipple through the fabric. Meanwhile, his lips captured Kyle's full mouth. Kyle returned the kiss with unabashed enthusiasm.

"Sorry," Kyle said, when they finally broke for air. "I was shopping. I'm going to make you a special dinner for Valentine's Day."

"Valentine's Day?" Rob smacked his palm against his forehead. "Damn it, I completely forgot. I'm sorry..."

"Well, I didn't," Kyle replied with a grin, gathering the bags and heading for the kitchen. "I got T-bone steaks, baking potatoes, imported beer – and Black Forest Cake for desert!" He bent over, stuffing the groceries into the refrigerator. Rob came up behind him and grabbed his hips.

"I'm not hungry," he growled. "At least not for food." He ground his erection against Kyle's jeans. "I've been wanting you all day."

Kyle stood, leaning back against the heavier man and allowing the refrigerator to close. "Well, I wouldn't mind an appetizer..." he said, rubbing against rigid lump that prodded his butt. Rob reached around for Kyle's zipper. "Oh!" Kyle sighed as Rob loosed his equally hard cock from inside his Levis and squeezed. "Oh, yeah!"

Rob dragged the younger man's trousers down to bare his buttocks. Still pumping Kyle's cock with one hand, he burrowed the other into the crevice between those pale mounds of flesh. When he stroked his fingertip across the whorl of Kyle's anus, his lover groaned in need. He wormed one finger inside. Kyle pressed backward, embedding the digit more deeply. Rob added a second finger, wriggling to loosen the taut muscle. Kyle squirmed. His cock wept pre-come into Rob's palm.

"You want me to fuck you?" Rob didn't wait for an answer. Without removing his fingers from the younger man's ass, he wheeled their bodies around so that Kyle faced the counter. He released the other man's cock long enough to rip open his own fly. His swollen dick sprang out, the tip already slick with arousal.

"You know what I want," Kyle said, clenching down on Rob's fingers. "You always do."

Rob fisted his cock, spreading fluid from the bulb down its length. Not enough lubrication. He didn't want to break the mood by running off to the bedroom. Frantic with lust, he scanned the kitchen. He noticed the virgin olive oil Kyle had bought for the salads he insisted Rob eat. Abruptly, he pulled his fingers from Kyle's butt.

"Oh..don't stop..." Kyle panted. "Please..."

"Be back in a flash, baby. You just stay right there." Punctuating his command with quick spank, Rob bounded across the room and grabbed the amber bottle.

Kyle's eyes grew wide but he didn't say a thing. Rob decanted a generous amount of oil into his left palm, dipped his fingers into the liquid, then drove his slippery digits back into Kyle's rear, deeper than ever.

"Uh...oh! Rob!"

He slathered the remaining oil up and down his cock. The sensation of his hand sliding over his greased flesh brought him close to the edge. Rob gazed at Kyle. Elbows on the counter, the younger man braced himself, waiting. He arched his back, offering himself.

Rob could feel Kyle's need, his excitement and his total surrender. Sexual arousal always enhanced Rob's gift of empathy. Gently, struggling against his own wild lust, he extricated his fingers from Kyle's hole and positioned his knob at the loosened entrance. "I love you, babe," he whispered, then plunged his oiled rod into Kyle's body.

"Ah...oh God!" Kyle yelled as Rob spread him wide and fucked him deep. "Oh, yeah, yeah...!" Rob's cock pistoned in and out of his lover's well-lubricated orifice. Kyle's slick, hot tunnel gripped his shaft as if to wring the cum from his balls. Rob thrust harder and faster. That was what Kyle wanted, he could tell. He felt the tension grow – he wouldn't last long – but he tried to hold back, to take Kyle to the place he needed to be.

Kyle shuddered each time Rob drove into him. He buried his face in his folded arms and spread his thighs to give Rob better access. Empath that he was, Rob could practically read Kyle's mind. All Kyle wanted was to be taken, completely and irrevocably, to give every ounce of himself to his lover.

That was all Rob wanted, too. He stopped fighting his lust. He stopped holding back. He slammed his cock into Kyle's bowels and let go.

White light flared behind his closed eyelids. An explosion of pleasure practically knocked him off his feet. Hot fluid surged up his stalk and gushed out, filling his lover's depths. Every ounce of himself he poured out into Kyle.

Then, just as the tide of pleasure began to ebb, he felt the swell of Kyle's orgasm, the jubilation and utter trust. Without any direct stimulation, Kyle spurted like a fountain, his coming triggered by Rob's. He clenched around Rob's softening cock. Echoes of ecstasy rippled through them both.

They lay quiet for long minutes afterward, Rob's body layered across Kyle's back. Kyle stirred first. Rob groaned, his muscles protesting as he stood upright once more. Kyle threw his arms around Rob's neck and drew him into a deep, wet kiss.

"That – that was amazing," he told Rob, nestling against his chest. "Some kind of miracle."

Rob ran his fingers through the younger man's tangled black hair. "Yeah, it was. Sorry, I got a bit carried away."

"Why the heck are you apologizing?" Kyle gazed up into Rob's eyes. "You knew what I wanted. You always seem to know." He took a step backward and nearly lost his footing. "Whoops! Guess the floor's a bit slippery."

Rob pointed to the white trails of semen decorating the cabinet doors. "A bit sticky, too," he said with a laugh.

"Well, look – you go shower. I'll clean this up and then start cooking dinner." Kyle was already headed for the closet where they kept the mop. Rob grabbed his shoulder.

"No way! I'm definitely not going to shower alone. Not on Valentine's Day!" He dragged the younger man toward the bedroom. "I want to wash you back – not to mention your other parts. And then I'm going to take you out."

"But the steaks..."

"They'll keep until tomorrow. I don't want you cooking. No, tonight we're going to celebrate. Celebrate us – the fact that we found each other."

"And after dinner?" Kyle asked, already naked. He grinned and struck a pose, his lithe, muscled form making Rob's mouth water.

"After dinner...well, maybe we'll try for another miracle."

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