Excerpt from Nasty Business

Opening the door, I offer her a hand. "Get out of the car, Ruby." She does not resist. Her palm is sticky with her dried juices. When she releases my hand, I hold it to my nose, inhaling deeply. My mouth waters in anticipation. "Lean against the railing. I want to admire the view."

Ruby looks simultaneously embarrassed and defiant. "You promised, Rick..."

"Come now, Ruby. You started this. You want this." The first statement is not strictly true, but the second clearly is. She does not protest further, but obeys my command, facing the steel rail and looking out over the city spread below us.

The curved top of the guard rail reaches her mid-thigh. "Hands on the railing, please. Bend over." Silently Ruby complies. Her skirt is still tangled around her waist. Her bikini panties hang loosely on her hips, stretched and stained from her earlier exertions. I reach for them, pull them down to her ankles and off. She shivers when my hand comes in contact with her bare flesh.

I've seen Ruby's ass before, of course, that night in the cab. Up close. But it was dark, and though I could see the details, it was hard to get the whole picture, as I do now.

The late afternoon sun gilds her paleness to warm gold. The glow underscores the shadows, the crease where her thighs begin, the crevice between her cheeks. Like her breasts, the fluid curves of her buttocks are perfect. They swell toward me, lush and full. I have a nearly overwhelming urge to palm and stroke them. I imagine spanking them, the marks of my fingers blossoming red in the wake. I see myself holding them apart as I plunge my cock into her depths. My erection tightens another notch at this mental image.

But I do none of these things. I merely stand behind her, admiring her nakedness, allowing the shame and the suspense to build in her. A car races by, swings around the curve and is gone. She twitches at the sound, but remains where she is. Where I have positioned her.

What now? God, I'd love to take her right here, out in the open like this. My cock screams for it. She wouldn't stop me, not now, not after that orgasm, guilty proof of her lust for me. But that's not enough. I want her to ask me, to beg me to fuck her. I want her to admit to me how much she wants me. Needs me. And she's not there yet, I'm certain. Today was just the first step.

I want to use her, though, pleasure her and humble her at the same time. Fingers are not enough. Again, I wish that I had kept her little whip. Then I have a thought; perhaps she brought it herself.

Stealthily, I walk over to the car, reach in and grab her purse. The twinge of guilt when I snap it open is quickly replaced by my triumph over what I've found. Not the flogger, true, but something as good, or better. An elegant stainless steel vibrator, slender and feminine. It's about the diameter of a lipstick tube, and perhaps three times as long. Just the thing.

"Ruby," I say, walking back to her bent figure and holding the dildo up for her to see. "Look what I found. As I expected, you are always prepared." She turns and tries to glare at me, but desperate hunger overcomes her rage. "Do you want it, Ruby?" She looks out over Los Angeles, stonily silent. I don't press her. She's given enough, earned some reward.

With one hand, I reach between her splayed thighs. I brush my fingertip across the silky hair on her mound, just the barest of touches. A shudder runs through her body. With the same fingertip, I part that fur, seeking her clit. It practically jumps out to meet my finger, rigid and slick. At my first touch, she whimpers and presses her pubis against my hand. Teasing, I pull away, but then I give her what she is seeking. First and second fingers grasp the taut little knob between them, squeezing, while the rest dabble in her soaked folds.

Ruby moans, arches backward to open herself to my hand. I slide my fingers back and forth in her sex, spreading her wetness from the sensitive button at the apex to pucker of muscle at the back. When I graze that spot, her whole body jerks. High voltage. I try a fingertip there, working against the resistance I find. "No," she sighs, or maybe "Oh", as my well-lubricated digit slips partway inside her. I wriggle inside her, feel her clench down on my finger. Imagine that she's doing that to my cock, and almost lose it right there.

I twist the bottom of the vibrator. The motor is nearly silent, but the vibration sends a buzz up my arm and down into my groin. Oh, Ruby—

"Open wide, babe." I stroke the toy lengthwise through her folds, twice, lubricating it thoroughly. She jerks as the humming metal comes in contact with her engorged flesh. Then I take the dildo away and count to fifteen. She's quivering all over. I touch the tip to the whorl of her anus and leave it there. She trembles violently. For a moment, I think she will come just from this external stimulation. That's not enough for me though. I want to penetrate her. To screw her. I rotate the dildo slowly while applying steady pressure. It begins to slide into her anus. "Argh!" she cries, pushing her hips backward. Her sudden movement embeds the shaft deeply in her butt. She jerks forward again with another cry, almost pulling the toy from my grasp.

"Let me," I say, reaching my right arm around her hips and cupping her mound in my palm to steady her. She grinds herself against me. With the other hand I grasp the vibrator and begin a slow stroking. She relaxes slightly, allowing me to support her, opening herself so that I can enter her.

It's incredibly hot, watching that shiny rod disappear into her dark hole then reappear smeared with her fluids. Once, twice, a dozen times I plunge the thing into her. My cock gets harder with each thrust, until the throbbing becomes pain. I can't stand it any longer. I leave the vibrator jutting obscenely from her anus and unzip my fly. My erection springs from my pants, eager for action.

I rub it against her satin-smooth rear cheek. I can't help it. Somehow I expect her to object, but she is too far gone, quivering in time with the motor lodged in her butt-hole. I resume my thrusts with the dildo. Now my own pelvis is thrusting in time. My cock is lodged comfortably between her flesh and my pants, reveling in the freedom and the friction.

Dimly I hear a car pass, realize that it has slowed before moving on, but I don't care. I'm close to coming, and I sense that Ruby is too. I fuck her ass harder, faster, imagining all the while that it is my cock buried in that tight darkness. She moans and twists under the weight of my body. The come boils in my balls.

"Ruby," I whisper in her ear, "you're such a magnificent slut." I push the dildo in to the hilt with one hand, pinch her clit with the other. Her scream echoes through the hills. She clamps my hand between her thighs, nearly breaking my wrist. Her orgasm shudders through her in huge waves. As she crashes against me, I feel the cum rising in my stalk and spraying over her buttocks and back. A fountain of exquisite pleasure. I stagger, would fall but for her form braced against the rail.

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