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Publishing History
The Antidote - Excerpt
Fourth World - Excerpt
The Last Amanuensis - Excerpt
Rush Hour - Excerpt
The Eyes of Bast - Excerpt
Like Riding a Bicycle - Excerpt
The Witches of Gloucester - Excerpt
Layover - Excerpt
Never Too Late - Excerpt
Nasty Business - Excerpt
DS Duos One - Excerpt
Slush - Excerpt
Exposure - Excerpt
The Ingredients of Bliss - Excerpt
Bangkok Noir - Excerpt
Rough Weather - Excerpt
Her Secret Ingredient - Excerpt
Challenge to Him - Excerpt
Rajasthani Moon - Excerpt
Mastering Maya - Excerpt
Quarantine - Excerpt
Wild About That Thing - Excerpt
Hot Spell - Excerpt
Bodies of Light - Excerpt
Citadel of Women - Excerpt
A Breed Apart - Excerpt
The Understudy - Excerpt
Almost Home - Excerpt
Chemistry - Excerpt
Crossed Hearts - Excerpt
Fire in the Blood - Excerpt
Necessary Madness - Excerpt
Truce of Trust - Excerpt
Monsoon Fever - Excerpt
Shortest Night - Excerpt
Getaway Girl - Excerpt
Serpent's Kiss - Excerpt
Tomorrow's Gifts - Excerpt
Raw Silk - Excerpt
Incognito - Excerpt
Rendezvous - Excerpt
Poem - Hookup
Wednesday Night at Rocky's Ace Hardware
An Old-Fashioned Valentine
Trick or Treat
Blind Obedience
Domestic Goddess
Incurable Romantic
First Moon
Dirty Laundry
Cat's Eye
Last Dance
Last Minute Gift
A Kiss at Midnight
Ordinary Miracles
Luck of the Irish
The Origin of St. Valentine's Day
Before the Plague
The Ambassadors to G79-3
The Shadow Over Desmoines
Mad Dogs
Unveiled - Chapter 1
Goldberg Variations
Thunder Road
The Interview
One Small Flaw
Refuge of the Road
Flash Fiction by Lisabet Sarai
Old Flame
New Wine
Crowd Pleaser
Poem - 404 E. Spruce
Poem - Solstice
Poem - Sum of Parts
Poem - Galatea
Poem - The Line
Poem - Haiku Cycle: Boston Rendezvous
Poem - Half Moon
Poem - New Mirror
Poem - 11:15 and Here's Your Poem
Poem - Psycho
Poem - Eclipse
Poem - To K
Poem - Meditations on a Crescent Moon
Poem - Amnesia
Poem - To Save My First Betrayer
Poem - Shortest Night
Poem - Fire Sale
Poem - Logos
Poem - Torch
Poem - Beltane
Reviews by Lisabet
The Right Way to Write a Novel
Patterns in Time
Mistress of Time
What Comes Next
Playing with the Passive
Successful Synopses
Effective Dialogue
Effective Description
HTML for Authors
More HTML for Authors
The End of Innocence
So You Want To Be a Writer...
Rough Caress - Excerpt
Red Eye
Be Careful What You Wish For
The Antidote
Twentieth Century
Reviews - Blood and Sex Volume 1: Michael
Reviews - Future Perfect
Vampires, Limited - Excerpt
Cream Contributors
Refuge - Excerpt
Reunion - Excerpt
Reviews - In Too Deep
Reviews - Fur
Reviews - Demon By Day
Reviews - Love at First Sting
Reviews - The Ancestors of Star
Reviews - White Flames
Example Synopses
Reclining Buddha - Excerpt
Making Memory - Excerpt
Reviews - Night's Kiss
Reviews - Mortal Engines
Stroke - Excerpt
Opening Night - Excerpt
To Boldly Go - Excerpt
The Late Show - Excerpt
Last Minute Gift - Excerpt
The First Stone - Excerpt
Muse - Excerpt
Excerpt - Sundae, Bloody Sundae
Fleshpot - Excerpt
Shorn - Excerpt
Green Cheese - Excerpt
Clean Slate - Excerpt
Her Own Devices - Excerpt
Red Eye - Excerpt
Wired - Excerpt
Trespass - Excerpt
Just a Spanking - Excerpt
Goldberg Variations - Excerpt
Woman in White - Excerpt
Detente - Excerpt
Snow Bound - Excerpt
Reviews - The Initiation of Ms. Holly
Reviews - Training the Receptionist
Reviews - Once Bitten